Friday, October 31, 2008

my life song...

What is your life singing?
My have heard this particular song a thousand or more times, but never did it strike me like it did today. My lifesong.....I have a lifesong. I never would have termed it as such, but really it is. Each day a new verse ... a new opportunity to sing the love in my heart to my Father.
So, if at the end of the day I had to write a summary and sign my name to it of the things I had done, what would it say about me? Would I be ashamed to show it to my family? Would I be afraid to present it to my Lord? Would I want to sing it out loud for the world to hear?
This really makes me stop and think. My day is spent, in most part, with an infant and a toddler. They aren't gonna tell stories about Gram to people, but they are certain to imitate my behavior....repeat certain phrases....mimick me innocently with no harm intended. How much they learn by watching and listening....some times the words aren't even the issue....sometimes the actions speak so loudly that no words are even needed.
And then you have the teens.....oh boy, the teens! How do they handle conflict? Do they step up and help others when they see a soul in need? Do they sacrifice? Do they love? How have they interpreted my song? Have I showed that Jesus is the most important person in my life, and the one I do it all for? Am I seeing Him in their lives?
Wow....see what I am saying here?! I have to really now sit and evaluate my lifesong. I know that I am human and I know that I will make mistakes. I also know that if I live the song that I want to sing, I won't have to worry about how I am interpreted because all that will be seen of my actions will be my Father's fingerprints. If my actions reflect my heart, my God, I can sing out loud knowing that what I sing will be of love.