Monday, October 20, 2008

challenging her young mind...and mine, too!

So, I started reading this book a few days ago and it dawned on me that I want to read this with my 14 year old (for another week!)and challenge not only myself, but her as well.
We started reading WWJD In His Steps by Charles M Sheldon. We read the first chapter together tonight. If any of you have read this.....or want to read with us....we are doing a chapter a day. We are doing the whole reading out loud thing...which I haven't sat down and done with her in years. I enjoyed it. Maybe she can do the reading sometimes, too.
Here is the challenge.....beginning tonight we pray for His guidance and wisdom in everything we do.....we think carefully before we speak.....we evaluate what is important and what is essence, before we respond/react, we will stop and ask ourselves what Jesus would do. If that means stepping out of our box, well....we will just have to do that. We start tomorrow and for 6 months we will do this.
I am excited....I feel challenged....I know that my life will change drastically, and I am hoping that hers will as well.
Anyway......anyone that wants to join, let me know.......that is an invitation to the book and the challenge-----or more importantly the challenge itself!! Imagine how much our lives can change and how much glory we can bring to God if we ask ourselves this little's only 6 can do it!!!!