Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I had a dream...

Ok, so I had a very vivid dream last night that I actually felt compelled to wake up and write down so I wouldn't forget it. I am really overwhelmed with emotion from this dream....many emotions....and so, I think that is just going to be my blog of the day. I welcome any and all comments, opinions, etc as to ideas of it's meaning.............

"He was born to nothing and nobody knew his parentage" was the immediate thought I had as I woke from the following dream.

I was in a large field, no flowers or grass, just a large lot/field full of dirt and people and cars and motorcycles. There were groups of people milling around all over and there were sporadic fights breaking out here and there. There was a mid-size building in the center of all this commotion, but nobody was near it and there didn't seem to be any activity inside of it. There were windows, but there was no movement visible from the outside. There were little blow up huts all around the building that served as "party huts" with various people in and out all the time.

I was sitting on a car hood....there were some others around me, but nobody was with me. I seemed to know everyone there and they knew me, but none of us really cared if the other was there or not.

All of a sudden I heard an infant crying....it was soooo loud and soulfull.....I felt instantly the pain, fear and lonliness in this cry. I took off running toward the building...people were yelling as I passed that they had never seen a person run so quickly. I could feel the tears stinging my cheeks as my hair stuck to my face with the wind hitting me as I flew....at least, it felt like I was flying....I just had to get to this child.
I ran in the door to the building and continued to follow the sound of the cry. I came to a floor and the cry stopped, but I knew I was there. I searched room to room as I wondered from hall to hall. In every room was a child with one worker....no parent, no love, no life.....just a child alone in a bed and crying with no sound. Some saw me and their eyes just pierced my soul, but I had to keep searching til I found the baby.
Finally a female nurse with one of the children told me that I had to leave. I told her that I could not do that, I had to find this child. She said that no one knows of this child. More female nurses came around and they were telling me that even if they did know of this child they wouldn't be able to help me due to confidentiality laws. Then appeared a man...I assumed him to be a doctor. He said to the nurses that he would take it from there and he told me that they do not have a name for the child, nor do they know from where the child came. The only information they have is that there is a man that claims some responsibility and his name is John, but nobody has been able to reach him as they do not have a last name. He said he would allow me to see the child, but I would have to wait with the others in the room. He escorted me into a very small waiting area. There were a handful of people. When we walked into the room, he looked at one young lady and told her that she was pregnant. She immediately got up and left the room. One by one he led the others in to see the child. There was another woman and myself left, so I went out onto the balcony to wait. I needed air...I needed God. The people outside were totally oblivious to what was happening in these walls. It was as if this building was invisible to anyone else. I heard a noise and looked down and one of the party hut people was stumbling to the doorway of the building while leaving a trail of vomit. I tried to move, or say something, but I was frozen. After what only seemed like a few moments, the man came and told me it was my turn. As we walked to the child's room, it impressed me that this man was very powerful and that he was very tenderhearted. He was clean cut, but rugged looking. His eyes were overwhelmingly blue and very intense....as though I could see through to my own soul through his eyes. I felt as though in his presence nothing bad could happen.
We arrived at the child's room and all of a sudden I could hear his crys again....desperately attempting to get anyone's love and attention. We walked into the room and there was a sink. I went to the sink to wash my hands before going to the child. I turned on the water and began to wet my hands. I looked down and there was the baby spiraling down the drain pipe. The only thing in the sink was one arm and his head...so I grabbed him by the arm and began pulling him. The doctor shut off the water and the baby popped out into my arms. His crying stopped instantly....he was so slippery that I was having trouble holding him, but his grip was sooo strong that I could have let go of him and he would not have fallen. It was then that I looked over to the doctor and asked him how long I had with this child. He looked at me and smiled and said," I won't be coming back. The child is well in your arms and you in his." It was as he was walking away that I realized that he had on no shoes or socks...he was barefoot. I looked down at the child and he was smiling up at me. My heart was overflowing with love and I started aching for all the other children in that building...none could have been over 5 years old....none had anyone to love them or play with them.
I looked back out the window and everyone was gone. The dirty lot was now a grassy field full of flowers and there were now children laughing and playing in the field.

Lord, I know that this dream is sticking with me for a reason...please shed light on what you need of me or what you want me to know.