Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Praise God!!!!
I just got a call from my son. The first thing he said to me was "I don't know how you always do it, mom, but you saved me again. You literally saved a war inside these walls. Just as it was about to erupt we had mail call. I opened my mail and there were your blogs. I started to read them and realized that somewhere I had jumped track and was slipping again. I cried and prayed. I put them down mid way thru and went and found the guy that was the biggest part of the problem and sat him down and we talked. I would be in seg or worse if I hadn't got those right then."
Guys....I mailed those off over a week ago and he just received them! One day I was sitting here posting a blog and felt a strong need to print everything I had written and send it to my son with the front piece that is a character looking up saying inspire me. I didn't know why I got that urge...didn't question it and now I know why.
Our prayers were answered here.....God intervened once again!! I reminded him of that very thing....he knows to give thanks where it is due, cuz it isn't me that is deserving. In my headline I say that I don't always know why these words come or who they are for...but He does and that is where my inspiration lies. Well.....I can do no more than praise Him and love Him and live my life to please Him. My God is amazing and I have to shout it!!! Dear Lord you are such an amazing provider! You know before I do that I am in need and just when I don't know if I can hang on any longer You are there to pull me through. Thank You for always having room on Your lap for this little girl to climb in her daddies lap and rest!! I love You, Lord!!!!