Friday, October 24, 2008

I want superman strength....

"Logic will question and receive many answers. Faith will ask no questions and receive only one answer. Logic will flow forever and ever and ever but faith will flow up and up and up. Logic will sap your strength. Faith will give you superman strength!" Thank you to my new friend Jerry for this! This paragraph really stuck in my craw this morning.....especially the last two sentences. "Logic will sap your strength. Faith will give you superman strength" How powerful and oh how true!

It has been an unusual week for me with a lot of changes that weren't expected. I have had some let downs...heartbreaking let downs. I have had some enlightened moments, too. Balance.....but, I have allowed myself to step off the normal routine and in doing so have stopped "listening" as closely. I have found myself trying to "reason" not only with myself, but with God, too. So, yesterday, I cleaned out my "ears"....I spent most of my day in praise and worshipped my Lord. I sang all day.....just me and the grandbabies. We sang and we danced and we talked to Jesus. It was so beautiful and such an inspiration. Two things stuck out to me yesterday....both from artist Matthew West. The first that struck my heart was "Your life is a song that you sing and the whole wide world is listening...." The second "keep me in the center of your will for me".
If the whole world is listening to my song....what I am I telling them??! Am I telling them one thing while doing another? It has felt that way this week. I say to trust God and walk in faith....yet this week I have tried to barter with God....I have tried to change His mind for my betterment.....silly girl! So to hear the words "keep me in the center of your will for me"......well, that humbled me quickly. Then I had to apologize....then I had to get back to my place at His feet so that I could receive my lesson and direction. Oh what a glorious place! I don't ever want to give up that position!!

So, that being said....I realized that I was trying to live "logically" and that wasn't working for me....praise God. Human logic is an awful place to live, it requires entirely too much work on my part only to come up short in the end and have to start all other words, it is never ending and I am always tired with no real answer. I need to stay faithful and just listen to my Dad when he tells me what to do....He will never put me where He won't protect me...He will never leave me to handle what He won't walk me through!

Thank You, Lord, for all that you have given me. Thank You for allowing me to prove to myself that I need You, even when I think I have it all under control.