Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weirdness ebbs my mind...

Weirdness is settling in...I am not sure how I am feeling....
This is my stance for today....weirdness.
I feel like I am in the middle of a transformation....like my body is ready but my wings just haven't figured out how to fly yet.
I know that God has something for me to do, but I just can't get there. I am sure that means that I need to slow my overactive mind down and be still, but some days that is a very difficult task for me.
I keep hearing that I need to serve on a higher level.....that I need to give more.....that I need to minimize me and maximum Him.
I will be quite honest here and say that I feel compelled to hurry up....lol.....bills are piling up and Christmas is coming.....this, that and all in the middle want the money that I used to make....I know I could jump right out there and get a "job", but my heart is telling me no, be patient cuz the right thing hasn't presented itself.
Oh....patience and faith go hand in hand, don't they?! I know that He is an awesome provider, He has shown me this over and over. I just have to quiet myself and listen........I have to put my worries away because my life isn't for me it is for Him and He has me right where He wants me and provides everything that I need. There it is .. my needs are met, just not all the wants...lol! Oh how those lines can blur when I get in a hurry!
Lord, today remind me that You are in control and that You always have me in just the right spot at just the right time. Work through me so that I may reach even one person today for You. Please, Father, still my mind so that I can hear You when You give me guidance. Thank You so much for my life today......please let me live it only for You!!

"So use your body to honor God" 1Corinthians 6:20