Saturday, September 13, 2008

tell me..what is impossible with God.....

Today I am truly blessed!!
So many things have been added to my plate and rolled into this thing called my many amazing, amazing changes that I could just never have imagined could happen to me.
To begin family has a new member. We have been delivered a beautiful young woman to share our lives with. She has been through unimaginable circumstances, yet she can still smile. This is proof to me that my God is ever working, ever loving, ever healing....always, always there!! I am so honored to have been handed such a gift in my life........Lord, thank you so very much for bringing Tay into our family and please let me show her how to be a strong woman of God!! She has something special to offer Your kingdom and I am so honored that You gave me the task of bringing her to You! Please keep me strong and on Your course.....please don't let me let her down!!
Then today my friend and I were approached to be a part of such an amazing ministry that I can only feel overwhelmed and honored to be deemed a part of this team. I have been praying for enlightenment on a few issues and they all seemed to have been handled in this one conversation. Thank you, Lord, for putting me with such amazing men and women! These people are Your people and Your presence is so strong when I am working with them to feed Your hungry. Lord, help me to grow with these people ... help me to heal wounds and feed the soul, as well as the body!
Father, I am Yours.....I am surrounded by your blessings today and am in awe of Your greatness!! Please fill me with Your grace that I can shine for You!!!