Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pool of Sin

I am sitting here doing my homework when this paragraph just jumps into my soul. I mean, it was like bells and lights and whistles just went off.

"Today, some people continue to misunderstand the meaning of Jesus' name and mission. The Savior came to do more than save us from eternal penalty of our sin. His name is Jesus because He came to save us from sin itself! To save a drowning person, one must remove that person from the water. Likewise, when Jesus saves a person from sin, He takes that person out of his or her sin. It is a life-changing experience to approach Jesus in the full meaning of His name." (pp22 Synoptic Gospels: The Life and Teachings of Christ)

I think it is the analogy of the drowning person that set this off for me. Jesus has taken me out of my sin!!! When He said I was forgiven, it didn't mean for that moment of that day, it meant for always. He forgave me...He saved me...He pulled me from that pool of sin that was sucking me under. He lifted me before the Father and said "She is yours now." I am His now! He transformed me. He didn't just say my sin was forgiven, He said it was forgiven, forgotten and gone. He won't look at it again. Now, each day all I need is to repent and say thank You Father.
You you see what this means? To me this says that I am no longer those things that I did or said or let happen to me. I am no longer that person condemned. I am no longer in that place that I felt as though I was so bad that I didn't deserve any thing good, not even Jesus, in my life. He has taken those clothes from me and covered me in the beautiful, hand crafted robe that He made just for me! He wants to do this for all of us. He wants all of His children to wear the clothes He made just for them. The spotless beautiful garments of love and adoration that He has adorned us with.
Thank You Jesus for loving me so much that You would suffer so greatly just to give me life, just to let me sit at the feet of the Father. Thank You for lifting me up out of the pool of sin that I may wear the clothes of righteousness that You prepared for me.