Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beautiful Man on the Horse

I was in class last night, Synoptic Gospels, and we were going over the assigned chapter. Now, I had read this chapter and this did not come to me, but one of the students made a comment and I very quickly remembered a dream I had with a beautiful man on a white steed. I jotted a note to myself to find this dream, I remembered that I had written it somewhere. Then, class got so good that I promptly forgot all about it.
This morning I was going through some paperwork looking for some documentation that I needed to have. I was putting everything straight to the side if it was not what I needed. One piece of paper was set to the side and after going through several others, I said out loud, "the white horse!" I dug back in to the stack I had set to the side and there it was. It wasn't the dream itself, but it was something I had written later that same day. I would like to share it with you...and can I just tell you that I just sat there and cried when I read it. It was so powerful to me that I searched my blog back from day one so that I could start a dream journal. As I was reading some of these dreams, revelations came and so did the realization that some of these have come to pass and I now have an understanding of what I didn't at the time. I also realized that I had this dream before I became a Christian. So, here is what I found:

"flashback from the dream that had the beautiful lady in purple and the beautiful man on the white horse: this dream is documented somewhere already, but this is more that has come to me today as I was reflecting.
I am remembering her putting the shawl on me, she took it from an amazing trunk full of beautiful veils and was beautiful and silky and golden with purple and wine colored stitching...but I only wore it a little while as I walked past the mass of people around the man on the horse...I couldn't see his face...he beconned me but I didn't go...I kept looking back at him as I walked down the road...he stayed in my sight, but he was leading the masses away...I was alone on the road and kept on feeling like I was heading the wrong way...finally I turned around and headed back towards the man on the horse but he wasn't in my sight anymore and I became very afraid...the road back became a maze..some parts were people trying to harm me and other parts were openings that I could get through unscathed, but I had to overcome major obstacles to get to the small opening that I was able to get through to exit the maze...
finally I was able to see the man again..I was off the road and in a forest and there he was...he reached out to me and I began to run towards him...things began jumping at me to try to knock me out of the way and off the path...I knew that if I left that path the man would be gone and I would not be able to reach him and I began calling out to him 'father...wait..father do not leave me...please father...father don't go' but he disappeared from my sight again...I kept on going after him...before I knew what was happening I was in a peasant girls clothes...very simple, yet very elegant and beautiful and no hair was flowing freely and my speed picked up...the next thing I knew I was right behind him...I was running as fast as I could and was almost there...I still could not see his face,his back was to me as he raced along on his white horse, but somehow his arm came behind my back and he lifted me onto the steed behind him and I was with him as we raced out of the forest...I remember hearing 'you have chosen well...I will never forsake you...I will never leave you' and then I was lying in a fetal position on a straw mat still in the peasant girls clothes...then I woke up"

I am in awe! I am in love! I know my Father now and it appears I did then too. Father, I will never stop chasing You, never stop wanting You, never stop loving You!! Thank You for loving me!