Sunday, May 10, 2009

something wonderful

You know, there are days that can be so overwhelming. Days when I feel so overworked, stressed, irritated, and the list could go on. On days like these I would go to bed just feelin yuck prayin for a better day tomorrow.
It "came" to me a month or so ago that His beauty is all around me everyday. His fingerprints are all over the place if only I would look to see them. Sometimes what seems as though it isn't going to turn out just right has an effect on me that is unexplainable. So I prayed He show me how to become more intentional....prayed He help me stop overlooking His beauty in an ordinary moment, a moment that seemingly has no purpose.
His answer was "I am there. Seek me. Find me."
So....I do! Everyday I wake up and ask Him to let me see His beauty in today. Let me see even one thing that is just so wonderful my heart sings out to Him because it overwhelms me with His love and grace and beauty.
I have shared this thought with a couple people and each day ask...."what was your something wonderful today?" I love to hear the answers! I love to see that light come on when the response pulls them closer to Him. I want to challenge you to look for something wonderful! I would love it if you sent me a message to share, but even if not, I still want to challenge you. Better yet, for the next seven days really and truly at beginning of your day be intentional and ask Him to show you something wonderful that you have not before noticed!!
Happy hunting!!!!