Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Golden Heart Award

Wow...to open up an email and receive this was so overwhelming to me. I didn't know about this award and I have been blogging for quite awhile now. But let me tell you a bit about the person that sent it to me....Christy Rose. I met Christy not too long ago and have quickly fallen for her. She has a heart for the Lord that is just relentless. On my lowest days, I can read her blog and see Him right there. Please, don't take my word for it, visit yourself at http://www.thesecretlifeofanamericanwifeandmom.blogspot.com
You know, I think the reason that I got so excited about this was that now I can share 5 other blogs with you that just blow me away....5 other women who have such a love for Jesus that just pull me so much closer to Him when I read their words of inspiration and love! So, in no particular order I am going to share with you 5 amazing blogs to check out.
Kellie, my dear friend, I have known you for the majority of my life. I have seen such amazing growth in you!! You are truly an inspiration to me! I see the love that you so freely share, the simplicity in which you share His love with others. I love you as if you were really my sister and I am sooooo thankful that He once again put us on the same path!
Traci, I have still to meet you in real life, though my daughter thinks you are super! Reading your blogs, I would have to agree with her. Over the last year I have read about your personal struggles, accomplishments, and family happenings. I have witnessed young people that I know and love blossom under your leadership. Even at the hardest moments, you hold tight to Jesus and know that He has it all under control. I so admire you and your strength in the Lord.
J...you are simply beautiful!!! From the inside that is so full of His love to the beautiful smile you shine for us all to see. You are another that I have not met in real life, but I have been so blessed by you! You have touched my heart so deeply in the way that you express your love for your Lord and your family! You have two very blessed little girls.....S~ is going to make an amazing, loving big sister!! Thank you for all the comments you have sent my way....they have fallen on a thankful heart! You truly are God's Girl!
Sarah, I just added you today but I must tell you that I am amazed by you!! I just couldn't stop reading. My heart has been on missions for a little while now and I am praying for clarity. I am in awe of His grace and beauty all over you!!!!! Thank you for what you do!!!
Miss Rachel....oh, lil' one you make me cry routinely!! When I read the words you put down they take me straight to His feet. You make me cry out for more of Him!! You make me so thankful and so hopeful!! He is moving in you and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see what He has in store for you!!!!! I am just so blessed to have met you and now I can sit back and watch in awe as He shapes your life!!!!
These are just 5 of the amazing author's that I follow......there are many more. Please check my profile and be entertained, enlighted, and inspired by all of these beautiful people!!