Sunday, May 10, 2009

He can turn nothing into something...

I am so excited this morning! I had the most amazing dream! I know some of you are saying, "here she goes with those crazy dreams again" when I have some of these dreams I just have to put them down in words and if they are that important to me, then why not share them with you. Too, I remember very little of this but what I remember is so profound to me that I have to see if "speaking it" brings any more back. So, here goes......

I had a friend and she kept getting ill. She refused medical treatment over and over. I couldn't physically go to her, so I would sit on the computer for hours with her just feeding her the Word of God and telling her how much Jesus loves her and wants her for His own. She fought me on it so hard at first! Then she came to a point that she started asking me questions. "How can you be so convinced that He is?" "How can you believe that He loves you like that?" "How can you possibly believe that He will forgive all that I have done?" "Even if I say ok and believe it doesn't erase my past, it doesn't erase what I have done, it doesn't wipe out what has been done to me." and so the list goes on. These questions continued for a spell. I prayed on each answer. I begged for Him to just speak to her right through me so that none of me was present and she only saw Him and His love for her.
One morning I received a phone call. It was this friend. She said "It is time. I don't know if I am going to make it. If you will, could you come take me to the clinic?" I rushed right over and took her to the clinic. We got there and they rushed her in. I wasn't able to be with her from that point and they wouldn't give me any information on her, just told me to have a seat and wait.
So, I was in the lobby and someone came out and called my name and I went with her. She told me that the results were in on my test. I told her that there was a mistake, I hadn't taken a test I was here waiting on a friend. She smiled and touched my hand and said "Honey, you are safe with me. We can be honest here, I know it isn't your friend you are waiting for. I know it isn't your friend that had this test done. The results are wonderful...honey, you are pregnant" At this I laughed and said "See, that proves that it isn't me. I had a hysterectomy when I was 25. I cannot have children." She looked strangely at me and asked if we could take the test again. I, of course, said yes so that I could prove myself.
I went back to the lobby to wait and while there I spoke to a few people about the love of Jesus and prayed with them for their healing. They smiled, hugged me and walked out of the clinic without any further words. The lady that tested me came back and called me and we went back to the office again and she had a funny look on her face and said "honey, you are pregnant." I again said it is impossible...I have no uterus....I cannot be pregnant! So she called in a doctor who did a physical exam and he said "Sweetheart, it is a positive result. Your uterus is intact and you are most definitely pregnant"
I got up and left the office in a daze. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't understand what he was saying or why or how it could even be remotely possible. The doorway to exit passed into a tunnel. I stopped in the center of the tunnel, it was dark and I could see nothing. I knelt right where I was at and cried out to Jesus. I begged him to explain this to me. I was in disbelief and quite frankly afraid. All of a sudden there was a beam of light shining through the top of the tunnel landing on my head and I felt perfect. I mean, I have never felt so perfect ... there was nothing wrong, nothing out of place...I felt perfect and full of love. I looked up into the light and there was a dove and then it fluttered upward out of an opening, but the light stayed. A voice filled me wasn't like a voice heard in the tunnel, it literally filled me up in a way I cannot even describe. He said to me "My child you speak of me with such love and conviction to others, yet you sometimes doubt your own worth. Do you not know how much I love you. Do you not know your worth. You are with child. The child of My Word. The child of My love. The child you have always wanted to be. This child won't be born unto you. You are filled with the Holy Spirit. You have been made whole, made perfect again and you belong to me. I am in you and you are in Me. You see my child, I can make something out of nothing but you didn't take that for yourself. I can make something out of nothing and you are something."

Then I woke up......oh my goodness!!!!.....I cannot explain to you the feeling I am in right at this moment....I am in awe of Him....I am so in love with Him.....I am way overwhelmed right now!
Right before putting this down, I read a beautiful woman's her blog she said "He can make something out of nothing"..............