Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a revelation!

song of solomon 4:12-15
acts 9:32-34

Tonight I had an amazing experience! I was invited to be prophesied over. I have never had a prophetic word, but I have wanted one for a long time. So, when I received the invitation I jumped at the chance.
I have to tell you I was so nervous. I actually asked, "Has there been a time where no word has come?" I truly thought I could be the first. Seriously, I had no idea what to expect.
I have to say that I did not know this group of people...they did not know me. They knew my name....and when I walked into the room, they knew what I looked like and that was the extent of our introduction. But.....He knows me....He drew me out....He unlocked so many things tonight and released chains that had a hold on me that I just couldn't break. I cried....I cried some more....my God loves me....He knows me....He wants more of me!!
I was given words that only I could put in place, but knew right where they went....I was released from a prison that I created around myself because of certain circumstances that life has dealt me...I was released from lies that the devil has fed me.....My God knows me!!loves me!!cherishes me!!desires me!!wants more of me!!feels over me!!
Seriously, there is no way that this group of people could ever have guessed at the things that were coming at me....there is no way that any one of them could have reached into a grabbag and drew out specifics that I had only shared with God....questions that I had not ever spoken aloud.....
Then to top it off...all the way home were songs to reaffirm what I was being told.....I sobbed all the way home and let Spirit take me over......let Him cleanse me, heal me, touch those places that I had long forgotten about.
"I am Yours, You are mine and I will worship You alone!!" Thank You, Father for loving me so much that You presented me this opportunity to get intimate with You. Thank You for these wonderful souls that love you so much that they allow you to flow through them to reach others, like me. Thank You Father for reminding me just how much You mean to me and giving me that nudge to keep my eyes on You always and stop listening to the lies of the enemy and stop comparing myself to others Lord because You wrote my story....and to You I belong!!