Friday, November 28, 2008

The slow down...

Ah...the day after Thanksgiving....the slow down. I don't know about the rest of you, but all the preparation and then the day of, is all a bit overwhelming for me. Not saying I don't love it....because I do....but usually I get so many things going on at once that I just know I am gonna forget something. Well.......this year I adjusted my attitude for the day a bit and it was much nicer. See, usually I am making sure this is perfect and that is presentable....and did I make sure to get the one thing........not this year. This year, I stepped back. Don't get me wrong, I was part of the preparation but I didn't let all the twists and turns of the unexpected catch me in the net.
Thanksgiving was at our house this year. I began making my list.....the shopping list, clean this, deep clean that, this one likes this, this one likes that. It began to get away from me. I realized that I didn't have to have a dust free environment....floors we could sit and eat on....the perfectly glazed ham....the pie to die just wasn't necessary. In fact, at some point I lost total control of my, if you know me you also know the stressed out frenzy ball I would normally be....but it was ok. I stepped back and let those that wanted that part of the day have it. Instead, I cleaned up after people....I talked to people....I listened to people....I prayed for people....I was able here and there to just slip away unnoticed and go thank God that my house was full of family and love and we were together.
There were people that weren't able to attend....and I missed them. I had time to stop and ask God to be with them where they were and wish them love and peace on this crazy day...and to let them know the real joys of Thanksgiving.
I was able to just smile and know that even though nothing was in my control....I was you know how huge a blessing that was?! Do you know that I was so full of love that I didn't hardly! I smelled the goodness....I tasted the love....I valued every moment I was given. For the first time in a long time, I stepped back and let others take over and I was felt so wonderful! I was able to really enjoy conversation....I learned so much about those I loved by just "being" there. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me yet another lesson in love and relationships! So much of what took place yesterday became a life lesson for me.....God is good! He uses each moment of our day to teach us if we only stay still enough to listen and learn! His goodness is unmatchable, but I can try to imitate Him as much as my human form will allow.......Thank you, Lord, for all the lessons and love that you have brought to me. Thank you for not only filling the table, but filling my heart. I pray I am able to carry this new "attitude" into the Christmas season and keep You as the center of all the celebration around me. It is You, Jesus, that I am is You that gives me all I need!