Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So I haven't written in quite some time and today it occured to me that I really miss it. I began this blogging journey primarily as a journal, and somewhere along the way abandoned that notion.
So, beginning right now, I am going to begin again. I am going to try to get on once a day if for no other reason than to journal my prayers and thoughts.
God has really been working in my life and things are changing so quickly and drastically that I sometimes feel as though I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean just watchin the waves all around me. Not that I am afraid of the storm, or that it is really even a storm, but just so much change.
I am reading a book right now by Jim Cymbala called "Spirit Rising Tapping Into The Power of the Holy Spirit". Wow! This book is sooooo thought provoking and so life changing. I don't think I have ever marked up a book like I am doing this one. So, I am just going to quote a few things that are really speaking to me right now.
"...we need to keep on being controlled by the Spirit if we want to live wisely, to understand the Lord's will for our lives, and to make the most of every opportunity. If we're not Spirit-controlled, we will miss out on being what God wants us to be." 
pp 40-41
"Without the help of the Holy Spirit to understand the meaning of what we read, we're susceptible to reading our own biases into God's Holy Word." pp 62
"The Spirit doesn't put Band-Aids on anything-he goes to the core of your problems to provide help. Likewise, preaching that is anointed by the Holy Spirit is fiery preaching." 
pp 69
I mean this stuff is good stuff!!! I think somewhere along the way we, at least I know I, get complacent and I read the Bible and I pray but I sometimes forget that Holy Spirit needs to be invited into each and every moment of my day. If I am reading something, I need to pray for revelation. If I am speaking to someone, I need to pray for words. If I am called upon to help someone, I need to pray for words/actions. And even my thoughts....I need to pray for Holy Spirit to even guide my thoughts minute by minute. Holy Spirit reign down on me. Change my life. I need You to live, to breathe, to be.