Monday, August 27, 2012

The Rock

(I just found this in my draft folder. Thought it had published several months here it is.)

The last couple of weeks have been trying for me. So many things have been tossed in my path, some great but others were really set out there to make me stumble. It seemed that with each thing that hung me up, the easier it was to trip me up over the next thing. Like, with each stone that I tripped on seven more were added until all of a sudden there was a wall in front of me keeping me from living my life as God intended. The good news, the stones in the wall were made of sand. The foundation those sandstones were laid on was Rock...solid Rock...Christ Jesus had already taken that position and He cannot be moved!!! Thank You Jesus!
So many times over these weeks it has went through my mind that I just wanted to run away, just get away from everyone and everything. I have to tell you, that the first two I pretty much started isolating myself, not from the world but from God. Last week was different. At some point it became very clear to me that the only place I needed to run was to my Father. Where else could I go that I would be safe, comforted, taught, guided, and just secure in knowing that what I needed would be brought about. And so I opened His Word. I had still been doing my daily readings..that was good..but I went beyond that. God put on my heart some books to read...and so I ordered them. One of them I had sitting on the shelf and hadn't opened it, so I began reading it.
I had an incredible experience with a couple wise women of God and we prayed together for a long period of time (that felt like just a minute, lol) and God revealed so much to me in that session!!!
Then yesterday, at church, Pastor Joe spoke and it was like his words were arrows that found a bulls eye in my heart. His words just resonated there and it was like, wow, my God is talking so clearly to me and it is time to stop playing and listen. One thing Joe said was that when Jesus was a boy he "ran away from home". His parents frantically searched for Him and when they found Him at the temple, He was teaching and not at all concerned. You see, He was doing the work of His Father. I need to do the work of my Father, whether or not others want to come along.