Tuesday, November 24, 2009

His clothes

My grandson came in and turned on the television this morning and there was a question answer session going on. It was the last question when he turned it on and this was the question.

When I need to make a decision and I go to God but don't get a clear word back, if I proceed without waiting for a clear answer is that going in my will and is that sinful."

Ok, now you know that I was caught and waiting for the answer. Are you ready for this? Haha, I know that you are........

If you are living in a relationship with Jesus and know that The Holy Spirit is dwelling in you, you also know the peace of your spirit when aligned God. If we live in this place, we can also quickly recognize the feeling of unrest in our spirit. If we are moving in His will, we will be at peace. If we are going against His will, we will experience unrest. We will not always get a clear answer because He does allow for us to make choices, but The Holy Spirit will always nudge you and let you know.

He also said this.

Many times we ask for God to show us the path He wants us to take. Sometimes we then find ourselves stopped and waiting and questioning if we "hear" the right answer, if we "are doing what He intends". Ask instead for God to block the path we are not to go down. There are many ways that are ok to get where we are going, there are usually also clear cut wrong ways. If we ask that He block those roads for us, He will do so.

Now as I look at my walk, I can say there is truth in this. I haven't always gotten a definitive answer, and I do know that He allows me to choose Him, choose love. I can honestly say that those times that I have been clearly on the "wrong path" I have been filled with unrest and torment. However, we do not have to stay there. Our Father is a loving, forgiving Father that will allow a lesson, but will correct in love and can right any wrong. He won't hold us to our poor choices, He will lovingly teach us His way, yet continue to allow us our choices.
I can definitely say that there is nothing like that quiet, still, deep rooted peaceful feeling that I feel knowing that the Holy Spirit resides in me and is working through me. There is also no mistaking the feeling of turmoil and angst when I know that I am going against love, when I am in my own clothes and not in the clothes that God designed for me. You see, my clothes never fit. They are loose here, tight there, lacking in some fashion ... always always lacking. When I wear my clothes I am never satisfied, never complete, always seeking something that I just can't find. But when I wear the clothes of righteousness that Jesus fashioned just for me, they are perfect. Not only do they fit perfectly, I feel perfect. I become closer to Him. I become more like Him. I want to be near Him, so near that there is no distinction, like if I were to look in the mirror He would over shadow me so that all anyone could see is Him. Those are the clothes that I want to wear...that is the outfit I want for life.
So, today Lord, I ask that you block the ways of this world from my life. Clothe me Father in the precious outfit that You designed just for me and let the world only see You and Your perfect love. Let me live out Your love so that this world will see just how beautiful and wonderful and powerful and majestic and graceful and perfect You are.