Sunday, November 1, 2009

URGENT:Prayer Request

This is not my typical blog. Something happened about half an hour ago that I cannot explain other than God. I was not going to share it, but then something happened that changed that, my daughter....and your daughter...and all those crying out for help. This is what happened.

I stopped at Aldi's to grab a few items that we needed tonight. As I was getting my cart a feeling swept over me and I knew that something was about to happen and I needed to be ready, for what I did not know. As I was nearing the middle of the first aisle, the hairs on my arms literally stood at attention and I felt covered in goosebumps. I stopped. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew I needed to pay attention. Nothing. I continued down the aisle and as I got to the end I saw a woman standing to my right on her cell phone. She hurried in front of me and stood in the corner and was visibly sobbing. I felt like I needed to go to her, but I didn't. I went to the next aisle and tried to go down it. People, it was like a force beyond anything I have ever felt was pushing me back to that woman. I tried to resist, but when I went to move forward I found myself literally moving backwards. At that moment I heard her saying (or maybe the Lord just gave it to me, I don't know) but I heard her sobbing "Paul don't hurt my baby...just don't hurt my baby...where do you have her?" As I got back to the point I had passed her, she crossed in front of me again. This time she was sobbing, not crying, just like she was in a trance and sobbing. She literally walked into the vegetable bin. I left my cart and went to her. I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked up at me. I said simply "can I help you?" She let out a cry and said "it's my daughter. she is in trouble and she wants me to come get her but he won't tell me where they are, only somewhere between Arizona and New Mexico. she is so scared and he won't tell me" The Lord gave me some words for her and I spoke them to her. Then I asked her daughter's name. It is Elizabeth. I told her that I would pray for Elizabeth and that God loves her more than even a mamma's love and He is not letting go of her, He would not leave her alone. She grabbed me and just melted into tears right in the middle of the store holding on so tightly I couldn't have moved if I wanted to. About that time someone came up to her that was evidently with her and as she began to tell them about the call I slipped away.
When I left the store I noticed they were parked right in front of my van because they were standing outside the car talking. I loaded the van and got in. My daughter was watching them with a look on her face that I hadn't seen there before and I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I am confused." I asked about what. She said "I don't know. that woman looks like she is crying and something is really wrong. I don't know what i am feeling" So I told her the story.

What I am asking is that you take time right now and pray protection, love and healing upon Elizabeth.
God please hold Elizabeth so closely that she will know Your presence. Lord take Your child in Your arms and cradle her through this journey. Fill her with a peace that passes understanding and calm in the storm around her. Father please change the heart of Paul and bring about a healing for them all. Father only You know what is truly needed in this situation and to You we leave it.