Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whooda thunk it!

Wow!!! I am still in the process of is a nightmare!! But it is so refreshing ... so cleansing! I have been able to part with things that I have absolutely not let go of for YEARS.....AND SO HAS MY HUSBAND, and if you know him you know how huge that is! I have taken several van loads for donation...had a truck come to pick up the larger furniture and appliances that we donated and still I don't have enough I LOVE IT!!!! I am so not going to be able to hold on to useless clutter or allow myself the notion that an object is that important. I simply don't have the space for it! I am so grateful that God had already been at work in me doin some cleanin of His own or this coulda been much! So, anyway.....the downsized version of my house is pretty much the summation of my new life......if it isn't absolutely necessary, then it isn't necessary. Sounds simple, I know, but when you put it to the test it isn't so much so. I hold on to weird stuff....well, held onto weird stuff....I am shedding....that's it, I am shedding.......shedding the hold of the past on my life, shedding grudges/pains/whatever else that could hold me down, shedding weight, shedding this world to the best of my ability.....this is only my temporary station, so why hold on....keep it simple....keep it Godly....give it if I got it and if I don't have I surely don't need it that badly......anyway......lighter year for me this one will be :)