Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I know I have written about this at some time or another, but today I just keep thinking about words. The words we speak over others. The words we speak into situations. The words we write (cuz you know if we don't say them they aren't as powerful, right). The words we think.
I have someone in my life that addresses my little ones as princes, sometimes kings. I have been paying attention to the relationship that he has with my boys and I am learning so much. He is all about words. He reminds me that when God spoke, it was. And God has given us this authority.
How do you choose to speak today? Into situations? About others? To others?
Lord today I just ask that You use my words only to help, encourage, uplift, and grow others. God just close my lips if they should need to say anything that doesn't bring life and that doesn't glorify You!