Friday, February 25, 2011

Change your clothes!!

So, I really feel like I just need to share this with you today. It is so empowering and God's love is so amazing. But I think we, at least I, sometimes forget that the power of the Holy Spirit is within us. We have only to ask and He is right here to guide, help, comfort, teach, and so much more.

The thing that stood out to me more than anything today, though, is that it is up to me to put on the clothes He has given me. I can choose to bow down to my circumstances and allow them to dictate the outcome, or I can put on the clothing that Jesus has made specifically for me and go out filled with His love and do His work. Seems like a simple enough choice, but some days are harder than others. So Father I lift up to You all those reading this and all those submerged in their circumstances that they just feel Your love right now, hear Your words speaking into their lives, and have the courage You place on them to go out into this world and effect a change for You.

From Love Letters from God pp128-129

"My dear child,

Arise! Arise and shine, for I have delivered you! And at this moment I am here with you. Yes, I am! I'm by your side, waiting for you to turn to Me. Waiting for you to allow Me to help you.

Let go! Let go of the burdens that you're carrying. Let go of the cares you have taken upon yourself. Just let go. Give them to Me. Give them all to Me. Give them to me one by one. Release those cares. Feel yourself lifted higher and higher as you give Me everything that has been weighing you down. Let go of everything that has you bound and depressed and discouraged. Those things are not from Me. In My Son's name, let go of everything oppressing you right now. Just let go! Let go!

That's right! Do it and be free in My Son's name. Be free to be what I've called you to be. My child, take a deep breath; hold it for a count of four. Now let it out. Slowly exhale and as you do, the tension in your body will be washed away.

Again, My child, breathe in deeply. Breathe in the Holy Spirit. Inhale love; exhale love. Allow the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work within you. Allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse you, refresh you. Just meditate on His indwelling you and filling you with peace and contentment.

Again, breathe in deeply, think of yourself as getting bigger and stronger inside as you allow the Holy Spirit to have full reign in you. As you exhale slowly, receive My love flowing through you to your surroundings. Now your presence has created peace in your own environment, because I am with you.

Love is there with you, in you, around you. People are affected by your presence because you walk in love.

Do not allow yourself to be bowed down with the spirit of heaviness. Instead, put on the garment of praise. Lift up those hands that hang down. Lift up your voice to God. Pray in the Spirit. Pray in understanding, and magnify the LORD.

Now close your eyes and continue to praise My holy name, for I inhabit the praises of My people. Shout Hallelujah! You're free because I have set you free.

Love, God"

author Robert Schluter