Saturday, January 29, 2011

$20 from Jesus

I had the most incredible experience yesterday...
Our morning started off rushed. The boys and I just took too much cuddle time in the morning and then had to rush to get where we needed to be. In the process, I stuffed a $20 in my purse to stop and get gas on my way to work.
Well, I didn't end up stopping to get gas, I went straight to work. So, on the way to get the boys, my car started sputtering. I pulled into the next gas station and put $20 in the tank. I went to grab the money to pay and it wasn't there. I searched every compartment and nothing. I went ahead and put it on the debit card, knowing that I didn't have the money in the bank to cover it, but I had already pumped the gas and really had no other choice.
I got home and told my husband that I had somehow lost $20 today and then proceeded to go through each bag that had left the house with us that morning, as well as all of our coat pockets. Nothing.
About an hour later, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. It just came over me that I needed to pray for whoever it was that found that $20. I stopped what I was doing and just thanked God that even though I really couldn't afford that money I trusted in Him and knew it would be ok. I asked that He just really reveal Himself to the person that found that money and that it would cause glory to fall upon His Name. I just sat there in gratitude and truly found peace in that moment.
A smile came over my face and I just started humming some worship tunes as I started to cook.
Now....if you know my house at all you know that I have a very small walkway that is between the stove and table and this walkway serves as the walkway between the basement (which is very used), the back door and Kelsey's room. So within this last hour this area of floor that I was standing on had been quite a busy place.
That said, I took a single step over to the stove and as I was humming felt something under my toes. I looked down and there on the floor under my toes is that $20 bill folded perfectly in half (it had not been folded, I just tucked into my bag as we were leaving).
I started laughing. I ran down the stairs and told my husband. He said he had been through there several times and that money was not there. The boys prior to my cooking had been on their knees with their cars, and that money had not been there.
Ha! God is good! He knows how big a sacrifice that $20 was to me, but I gave it to Him with a glad heart. I gave it to Him even though I didn't really know where it was, I just wanted it to bring glory to Him.
He is like that in every area of our lives! He wants us to take everything to Him, to share everything with Him, to live for Him. And when we do, He just blows our lives wide open with His greatness, with His presence, with His love.
Thank You Jesus for loving me so much!