Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grace amazing ....

So I was on my way to work this morning listening to Mark Schultz's new CD, which by the way is great.
But anyway, as I was driving and singing I became emotionally overwhelmed. I started talking to Dad. I hadn't planned on a chat session, but it seems as though the song "Grace Amazing" had opened up a flood from my heart to His. I received such vivid imagery and such a clear message that I began to just weep uncontrollably. I was so in this moment that it felt as though He was sitting right there with me in the car coloring me a picture so I could understand it.
You see, as this song began to play and I began to sing along, I saw a little girl playing in a beautiful field. She was skipping and making crowns out of dandelions and blowing those little flowers of fuzz. She kept looking to a ray of sun and grinning and would venture out a little at a time, keeping the ray within reach but dancing on the border. All of a sudden she was out of range of the ray and instantly felt alone, lost, frantic. She began to run crying out for someone to help, she didn't know which way she had went because as she was playing she lost her direction. She sat down on a log and prayed. She didn't pray to be found or to be rescued, she prayed that He just stay with her so she wouldn't be alone. All of a sudden the ray of light was directly on her and His voice was so clear and so gentle. It was as though she had to strain her ears to hear what was being said, but her heart knew without hearing. What He said was simple.
"I am here. I am always always here. Child it was you that ventured away from me, but I knew right where you were. You love me. You tease Me with your affection, but you rarely sit with Me. Come child, sit with Me. Talk with Me. Hear Me. Be still for I am always with you and always want you. You do not have to entertain Me. You do not have to do anything. Just come, sit, talk with Me and know that I Am."
The little girl lifted her face and it became radiant. Her countenance changed and she sat with her face to her Father....she was still with Him.

Oh Lord.....I want to be still with You. I want to be able to always hear You, pick Your voice out of all the rest. I thank You that You love me so much that You would share Your heart with me, now please help me to give all of mine to You. You are Holy! You are my savior! You are my everything! I adore You, I love You, I need You!